Biznek’s Comrades

These blinteresting men form the core team of Biznek.
We squat, wear tracksuits and invest.

Martin “Tripoloski”

Card #3

Martin is the main ideologist and visual architect of Biznek. Legends say he was born from a Photoshop smart object. Responsible for tri poloski and RGB.

Alexander “Big Biznis”

Card #1

Alexander is the face of the project. He’s big, tall and scary, but actually quite friendly. Gamer, crypto investor and Unity game developer. Has a passion for solving problems via code.

Martin “Jeff Bezovich”

Card #2

No that’s not a glitch in the Matrix… there is also a second Martin in this project! Bezovich is a traveler, “provider” of goods and responsible for networking and business connections.

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Biznek corporation is open for 3000 Gopnik investors.

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