What does Biznek.com do?

Biznek is a Gopnik inspired and business themed entertainment project with squatting Gopniks turned into big biznismen. Our aim is to create NFT collectibles, GIFS and memes in the theme of a fictional “Big Gopnik Biznis” GameFi roleplay concept.

What is “Big Gopnik Biznis”

It’s the concept for a full-scale Gopnik-investor themed action-adventure GameFi universe. The game takes place on the former USSR territory and the goal of the protagonist Gopnik is to do Big Biznis and gather as much wealth as possible by investing and running multiple business ventures.

Choose the right or wrong side of the law to make money. Start a legal biznis or gain your fortunes by stealing from others.

All players of the game also compete with each other and are rewarded with the BIZN game currency – it’s a fight to become the biggest biznisman or woman and rule the streets.

The NFTs also serve the purpose of being tradable assets for the game.

Are you really developing a game?

At this stage, the “Big Gopnik Biznis” is only a fictional game idea and vision. There are absolutely no plans to start developing an actual game, but as the community grows and we receive more support and actual feedback for the project, then nothing is impossible… except for the game.

What is the $BIZN token?

$BIZN represents the company stock of Biznek. A purchaser of the token become a shareholder in the company.

Are you real Gopniks or Western spies?

We are neither Slavic or westerners, but we squat right in the middle (Estonia). We were born in the Soviet Union so we’ve lived a meme worthy Gopnik life.

How can I help?

If you feel this projects speaks to you in any way, then please hop into our social media channels to join the community. Together we can have some virtual kvass and semetski – let’s discuss about doing big biznis together and taking this project further.

For instant feedback, please click the red Feedback button at the bottom right corner to send your ideas or pictures.

Where can I buy BIZN token?

BIZN token is available on Quickswap (Polygon) with a USDC/BIZN pair. This means that there are no radicicolous gas fees.

What is Biznek Elite NFT series?

Biznek is an investment company and the Elite NFT series is a collection of 3000 cards for the members of the company with special rights including dividends and voting rights.

Why are you wearing tracksuits?

What are you talking about? These are high-quality business suits!

Why are you doing this?

The entire world sees eastern Europeans as just squatting Slavs… or Slavic scientists. however some of also do Big Biznis! In addition to doing all the stereotypical Gopnik things, many of us also have our own Biznek and we also invest our money into stocks and crypto. So we simply wanted to visualize how it looks like and show the world the struggles we have!