We Turn Your Pictures into Legendary Gopnik NFT Cards.

Gopnify is a custom design service where we turn
your photos into legendary Biznek styled NFT cards.
You’ll receive the ownership image and can sell it as an NFT with any price you like, simply post to social media or use it as an epic NFT gift to someone.

Become the Best Gopnik Version of Yourself

No matter how pretty or ugly you are – trust our epic Photoshop skills for turning your picture into a Gopnik or Gopnitsa character. Although it will help if you are already wearing a tracksuit or squatting like a true Slav

We are Real People Not F*cking Apes

Forget about monkeys and other random “AI” made animals as profile pictures… the best NFT image to represent you online and in the metaverse is a stylized image of yourself, because that’s truly unique! Be whoever you want to be… but not a monkey, as we have plenty of those already!

NFT image as profile picture.

Gopnify FAQ

How does it work?

The process starts by sending us your picture(s) via email.

Be sure to also add any specific requirements or ideas/texts you might have for the card style, coloring or designs. We can use our creativity, but need your input.

In the design process we cut out your image from the background, add stylish Gopnik effects. We also invest creative title and unique skills to each card.

After receiving your request, we’ll start working on your picture and get back to you with the first draft and watermarked version.

After then you can approve it or request modifications to it. Once the final card is approved, we will send the final image.

How much does it cost?

The Gopnify service for 1 custom NFT styled image card costs 50EUR. The service is FREE for Biznek NFT buyers. We accept PayPal or crypto payments.

How do I get the final image?

We will begin working on your card after receiving the payment. Once the draft version is approved, we will deliver the final version via email. If you’d like to also mint your card as an NFT, then we can provide help and guidance.

Do I need any crypto to buy it?

No, we also accept PayPal payments. However USDT payments preferred.

How long will it take?

This depends on the amount of pictures already in progress. Expect your first draft version within 1-3 days. We always try to do our best to deliver as fast as possible.

Is there anything else I should know?

Just make sure you do a full squat or else you might look like a western spy!

I don’t want the card design

No problem. We can also simply Gopnify your image without the NFT card design.

Can I also get the animated version?

Yes. The animation will be delivered as MP4 or GIF. No extra charge for the animated version.

Gopnik maker design NFT service