Big Gopnik Biznis Game Concept


It’s a Survival of the Richest Gopnik

Big Gopnik Biznis is a GameFi concept which combines a play-to-earn tokenomic framework with an action-adventure gaming universe in a post-soviet world.

Become an epic gopnik character with just one mission – acquire as much wealth as possible, paid out in the $BIZN game currency token.

Do big biznis, invest wisely, buy digital real estate, stake your earnings or collab & steal from others – your strategy is what defines you!


Trade or Collect Game Characters and Assets as NFT Cards

The entire game universe is tokenized, meaning that you can collect or trade elements, which will help you in the game. Buy up real estate in the digital game world and become a landlord or trade your way to the top.

Turn Your Gaming Hours into Profits with $BIZN Currency

At the heart of the game is the $BIZN meme token which is used to reward players and acts as a currency to buy and sell in-game assets.

Ever played Monopoly or GTA V? Big Gopnik Biznis combines the best elements of action-adventure with economics and investing.

bizn token game currency

Become a Legendary Gopnik Character with Your Own Avatar

Make up a legendary Gopnik version of yourself or let us create one for you.

Run a profitable biznek like Jeff Besovich, trade semechki like Warren Buffetski or invent like Elon Muskovski.

Choose you strategy for making money and remember – it’s trade or die!

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The Big Gopnik Biznis game project is still in the very early idea
and concept phase, so there’s still plenty room for community input –
that means we want your ideas. All together, let’s make it happen!