Biznek Elite NFT

Your Personal Ticket to Biznek Elite Investor’s Company

The Biznek Elite NFT is a limited collection of 3000 NFT cards which grant the owner membership rights in the Biznek meme token company. It’s a community for Gopnik investors – we wear Tripoloski tracksuits, squat and hold cryptos together for big profits (or huge losses)

You are Unique… and So is Your Card

What’s most special about Biznek cards, is that
after purchasing the NFT, it can be personalized according to the owner. Your NFT card will can updated with your image, nickname and personal color style if you wish so… or leave it blank – your card, your decision. You’ll also receive a unique job title in the company so you can brag to your Babushka

Full benefits of the Biznek Member Card

This club is meant for people not apes!

  • A private community of Eastern-European investors
  • A unique job title in the organization
  • Free Gopnify service to personalize your card
  • Your ticket to Biznek annual meetings
  • Collect many cards as gifts or resell later
  • Public profile page at (coming)
  • Earn dividends from Biznek BIZN profits (coming)
NFT image as profile picture.

Forget About Getting Burned by High Fees

The Biznek Elite NFT cards are minted on the Polygon network, which means there are no ridiculous GAS fees… what you see is what you pay for! This makes it affordable to own BIZN token or NFT cards with USDC or Polygon ETH. Buy, collect, sell, trade or transfer with low fees.

Perfect Fit for Every Size

The Biznek ID card has been designed with web and print in mind.
The card can be printed or posted to social media.

Biznek NFT FAQ

How can I buy a card?

Select the card number you wish to own (only 3000 available) and make a direct offer in USDC or ETH (minimum bid 50USD) or select the ones already on sale right now.

How much does 1 NFT cost?

The base price for each elite membership card is 50USDC After all cards have been purchased, then the price will be determined by the market.

How can you change the NFT after purchase?

If the NFT is still on our account, then we can update the image. This allows us to conveniently customize the card for you, if you wish so. However if no customization service is required, then the metadata (card image and details) can also be locked forever.

Can I resell my card later?

Sure, you can resell your card anytime to another person at the price you decide. This means you will also lose access to the elite club.

What about gas fees?

The elite cards can be bought on the Polygon blockchain, so this means the gas fees are very low compared to Ethereum.

Can I buy more than 1 card?

Sure, you can buy as many cards as you wish. There are no limits per wallet. You can later transfer the cards as a gift to someone or resell them with higher price.

Can I also get the animated version?

Yes. Upon request we can also create a card with your personal image, nickname, job title and unique member ID number on the animated version. Deliver as MP4 video.

Can I customize the card myself?

Yes. After purchasing the NFT you’ll also receive a PSD file which you can easily customize yourself with a new image and colors.


Showcase Area

Displaying the most stylish Elite Cards and their prominent owners

(coming soon)

biznek NFT showcase area