How to Buy $BIZN Token [+Video]

One of the must frustrating things about crypto is that it’s often very difficult to buy new or promising tokens. They’re not yet available on big platforms like Coinbase or Binance, so people find it very hard to buy these tokens before they explode in price. That’s not the case with BIZN – the crypto… Continue reading How to Buy $BIZN Token [+Video]

$BIZN Tokenomics & ILO Explained

Every biznisman wants to understand the business they are investing into, so here is the BIZN tokenomics made simple. Key takeaways: Biznek BIZN token ILO starts on January 7 2022 600M tokens for sale, all unsold burned automatically Softcap 20ETH, hardcap 30ETH Sale price 1ETH=20M BIZN List price 1ETH=14M (30% gain) What and When is… Continue reading $BIZN Tokenomics & ILO Explained

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