How to Buy $BIZN Token [+Video]

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One of the must frustrating things about crypto is that it’s often very difficult to buy new or promising tokens.

They’re not yet available on big platforms like Coinbase or Binance, so people find it very hard to buy these tokens before they explode in price.

That’s not the case with BIZN – the crypto for big biznis Gopnik investors!

Fortunately it’s super easy to buy $BIZN and here are your options, before the token goes boom (or bust)

Buy on Quickswap

Quickswap is the Polygon version of Uniswap. It’s completely the same, only meant for MATIC tokens.

For BIZN there is a USDC/BIZN pair created on Quickswap.

This means you need to first own some USDC in Matic and then swap these tokens for BIZN.

The easiest way to acquire USDC is to buy it on Binance and then send to your Metamask wallet (in Matic network)

NB: you also need to have some small amount of MATIC token for the small fees. (which really are small)

USDC is a stablecoin so the price is always fixed to the real dollar.

Once you have USDC and MATIC in your wallet, proceed to the USDC/BIZN pair page:

and follow these steps:

That’s it… simple and easy.

Now import your BIZN tokens as “Custom tokens” in Metamask and use the BIZNEK Polygon contract address below (watch video):


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