Hilarious Gopnik Versions of Popular GIFs

Leonardo Digopnik?

A crypto investor and GIF-maker Alexander has created hilarious Gopnik versions from some of the most popular GIFs around the world.

So if you’re into the squatting Slavs humor then we’ll hope you’ll enjoy – you can download all GIFs are reuse wherever you like (and they’re also searchable through GIPHY).


Raise your glasses… but Eastern-Europeans have more style

funny DiCaprio animated meme parody
russian dicaprio meme parody GIF
Download GIF with background | transparent

Eating Popcorn…

and enjoying the action

Sneaking Around

Seeing something I like

Smart Guy

Your have the brains


Where is everybody?

travolta confused meme gif template
confused russian gopnik slav man transaprent GIF
Download transparent GIF

Mind Blowing

Wow, can’t believe it

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