Unlock USDC Metamask Error on Opensea [SOLVED]

unlock USDC error metamask opensea

I was going crazy…

I had tried for 2 weeks to unlock USDC currency on Opensea, using Metamask, but it simply DID NOT WORK.

I had correctly:

  • USDC,ETH and MATIC tokens in wallet;
  • Metamask was on Matic network;
  • I tried on both mobile app and Chrome extension.

but for some reason, I always kept receiving the annoying error, when trying to list my own NFTs for sale in USDC


I finally solved the problem.

The 1000 comments on the same Reddit topic also did not prove any useful, so I hope this blog post can be a lifesaver for someone!

Let’s get to the point:

How to Unlock USDC on Opensea

1) Step – make sure you have some USDC and MATIC in your wallet. Just small amounts of few dollars will do. (~0.03USD for Matic fees)

2) Step – Go find NFTs which are already listed in USDC. For example any of these (sorted by low price) and click the MAKE OFFER button.

3) Step – Put in a random amount, for example the minimum 2USDC and click MAKE OFFER again.

Now for some reason, Opensea will start the real deal and will ask for permission to use USDC in your wallet.

(you DO NOT have to sign the next #2 step and buy, because after confirming the Unlock Currency, the problem is already solved)

and that was it.

FINALLY unlocked (you suck Opensea)

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