What is Shilling in Crypto & Telegram?


“Send me your shilling text… $200 for 24hrs exclusive shilling

That’s what a crypto guy in Telegram sent me via DM.

I thought I knew about cryptos (or English)…

but I had no clue what this guy wanted from me.

Did he want to chill with me for 24 hours?

or convert the money to British Shillings?

So then I finally figured it out via this great Quora post.

It seems shilling in Crypto means to promote a crypto token and make it sound in a natural way, almost as if it was not a promotion at all, but still create a buzz around it and spread FOMO.

Although the word shill does have a quite negative effect to it, but that’s what happens when even Kim Kardashian suddenly posts about Ethereum Max?

I’m not saying shilling is all bad, because it comes in many forms and you got to start from somewhere…

For example if you don’t have a big budget and do some hustle marketing for your own token by promoting it via messages and forums? Spamming?

Elon Musk does shilling for DOGE? Seems so.

What is a Shilling Text?

So this gentleman on Telegram wanted a shilling text from me and I asked him what it is.

Turns out he wanted me to send him something like this, so he could go on and post it around various crypto groups:

By looking at the definition of shill, then this really looks like a low effort attempt at it…

Should I Netflix and Shill?

So if anyone now asks you whether they could shill for you 24hrs for only $200… then it’s up to you if you want to spend that kind of money on a service like this.

But at least you’re now smarter than me!

I would probably say it’s worthless because of the low quality service they offer, but hey, if you could afford Kim Kardashian to promote your token, then it is probably worth it!

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