Why I Bought the Dip in Disney Stock (Again)


Dips are always good then they happen with good stocks.

That is unless a dip becomes a long drop…

However I am not worried about that when talking about the rollercoaster dips in Disney stock.

The recent pullback has been mostly caused by the moronavirus.

So the amusement parks, which bring in a lot of revenue have been closed or operating at smaller level.

This means we have not been able to take our spoiled kids to visit the parks and that returns in some big bucks lost for Disney.

However things are going well on the digital with Disney+ subscribers and new content production.

The numbers on the new Spiderman movie release also don’t lie.

Sure, Spiderman might not be as big of a hero as our Blyatman is here in Europe, but at least he is wearing a mask in public places.

2 Buys This Year

This was the third time adding to my Disney position and I hope I have successfully bought the dip again:

  • 14 shares at $153
  • 16 shares at $151
  • 9 shares at $120 (2020)

My total value in Disney stock at current prices $6000.

The stock has been off from its peak high of ~$200 so at $150 it looks (and is) cheap right now!

And of course will be waiting adding to my position when more dips come along the way.

The Mickey company is on a course to 1T market cap

So we are pretty confident Disney will reach be on course to reach 1T market cap.

This means a price target of around ~$550

It will take approximately 5-100 years, but I will just squat and hold!

Disclaimer: the above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

About the author:

As co-founder of Biznek.com, Martin is a Gopnik retail investor
from Eastern-Europe. His goal is to reach 1M investment portfolio
in 5 years and become a tracksuit millionaire.

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