$BIZN Tokenomics & ILO Explained


Every biznisman wants to understand the business they are investing into, so here is the BIZN tokenomics made simple.

Key takeaways:

  • Biznek BIZN token ILO starts on January 7 2022
  • 600M tokens for sale, all unsold burned automatically
  • Softcap 20ETH, hardcap 30ETH
  • Sale price 1ETH=20M BIZN
  • List price 1ETH=14M (30% gain)

What and When is the BIZN Presale?

BIZN is an ERC20 Ethereum based meme token created by Biznek and inspired by Babushka.

The ILO (inital liquidity offering) is a process which enables the developers of the project (that’s us) to raise funds and results in a liquidity pool, so the token is tradable on a decentralized exchange (good for buyers and sellers)

What is the purpose of $BIZN Token Presale?

The aim of $BIZN token sale is to raise funds for the liquidity pool and project development – more content production and marketing.

60% of the raised funds will go into the liquidity pool on Uniswap so the token can be traded after a successful launch (with 30% higher listing price)

The presale is successful if a soft cap of 20ETH is met. In this case, the token will be available on Uniswap V2.

If the presale does not meet the softcap, then all invested funds can be safely transferred back (we only receive the funds if presale is successful).

If the presale fails, we will still continue with the project and will add the token to the market with smaller liquidity amount.

$BIZN Tokenomics

Initial max supply: 1 000 000 000 (1 billion tokens)

BIZN Token is mintable. It is made to serve as an in Game currency so in the unforeseeable future, there might be a need for more tokens.

Right now:

  • 140M (team, marketing, dev, locked 6m)
  • 600M for public sale (all unsold burned)
  • 246M for liquidity (60% locked 6 months)
  • 14M for listing fees

The initial price for sale 1ETH = 20M BIZN

Sale price 1 $BIZN ~ 0,0002USD (depends on ETH price)

Listing price 30% higher after successful ILO

How to Join BIZN Presale

The BIZN token presale is hosted on the Unicrypt platform which grants a fair process.

All participants need Ethereum (Thank You VItalik) to participate.

So have your ETH ready in your wallet before January 7

Max spend per account is 0.15ETH (~675USD =3M BIZN tokens)

The ILOs at Unicrypt are multi-rounded:

  • Round 0: – 40% of the presale hardcap can be sold before the sale starts by users willing to burn UNCL
  • Round 0: – 20% of the hardcap available to whitelisted participants before the sale starts
  • Round 1: – (2 hours) exclusively for UNCX and UNCL holders
  • Round 2: – Open to everyone

After a successful ILO, BIZN will be available to trade on Uniswap V2.

After unsuccessful ILO, we drink vodka for 6 months and try again.

NB: Contact us with your wallet address for whitelisting (this ensures you can participate in round 0 too)

For any questions, get in touch using money @ biznek dot com

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